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Top 10 Restaurant Management Solution Companies - 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, restaurant managers need to adapt quickly to ever-changing market trends to stay profitable. A strong foothold in planning, business operations, menu scheduling, and purchasing can go a long way in pulling down a successful business. An efficient Restaurant Management system has become one of the critical ingredients for success, owing to the drastic changes in the Food and Beverage industry over the years. Rapidly evolving technological innovations are driving the Food and Beverages industry towards progress and streamlined workflow. Temperature control, cloud-based management tools, data analytics, virtual reality onboarding, self-order kiosks, and more are helping restaurateurs to optimize resources, drive automation, and improve customer experience, all the while increasing the quality of the services offered.

The growing prominence of cloud computing enables owners to manage their chain of restaurants from any location whilst driving visibility into a multitude of operation within the supply chain. With the increasing regulations in food safety and control, hoteliers are implementing new technologies such as Bluetooth-based temperature monitoring systems to ensure that their food and equipment and stay compliant with the regulatory requirements. Alongside, data analytics empowers restaurant management to use the sophistication of data to improve operations, reduce wastage, and boost the profitability of their franchise.

Similarly, virtual reality is slowly emerging as a new trend in employee management today. Using a VR headset and customized software, trainees can engage in a truly unique experience and can take a 360-degree tour of the facility, watch other employees in action, or even test their skills in simulation games, without the risks and costs associated with a typical training session. Added to this, the introduction of self-order kiosks is dramatically changing the food ordering process at restaurants. At these kiosks, customers can browse the menu, create customized orders, and pay for their meal entirely on their own. This, along with suggestions for upsells and cross-sells, encourages diners to order more. Having kiosks to handle transactions allows employees to focus their efforts on back-office operations and customer service, instead of dividing numerous tasks.

Right from the cash register to the kitchen, technology has become an integral part of how restaurants operate today. The significance of digitalization is pushing the food and beverages industry towards a technology-driven approach to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Innovators are continually coming up with new digital solutions to make running a restaurant easier, faster, and more profitable.

However, as business requirements and goals differ; it can be tricky for owners to choose the right solution provider from the multitude of vendors offering innovative restaurant management solutions. To help CIOs identify the appropriate solution vendors, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Food and Beverages Tech Review’s editorial board has narrowed down the selection to final 10 restaurant management solution providers.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review’s “10 Most Promising Restaurant Management Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Restaurant Management Solution Companies

  • eTouchMenu offers premium digital menu technology to a variety of hospitality industries in order to raise customer service standards and increase ROI. As a renowned restaurant management solutions provider, eTouchMenu transforms traditional paper menus into immersive digital menu experiences by merchandizing the menu. Its solutions are deployed in leading restaurants, retail stores, family entertainment operations, airports, hotels, and casinos. eTouchMenu provides the most innovative tools to turn order-taking and point-of-sales transactions into new opportunities for building customer loyalty and heightening brand engagement. With eTouchMenu’s agnostic options, brands can select the right combination of equipment, and payment flexibility than any other digital menu technology

  • ItsaCheckmate is a leading service in integrating 3rd party delivery platforms directly into POS systems.. As a top restaurant management solution provider, ItsaCheckmate assists restaurants increase their revenue through delivery, without increasing costs. The company integrates 3rd party tablets to the existing POS system in a restaurant. As a result, delivery orders flow straight from the 3rd party platforms, to the POS and directly to the printers in the kitchen, without any manual involvement at all. Customer Service is the foundation in which Checkmate was built on and every customer will have a dedicated customer support team available around the clock

  • MarginEdge has developed food and beverage tracking and analytics software for restaurants. Its software offers solutions for invoice management, recipe and product pricing, and optimized food costs. They integrate their offering with their client's POS, so each day they know everything they bought and everything sold. Besides, the client also gets a rolling P&L with drill-down capability, and the invoice and sales data flows effortlessly to their client's accounting system. They are currently working with 600+ restaurants in 33 states, from fast-casual to fine dining. The company was incepted in 2015 and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia

  • Upserve's restaurant management platform is a comprehensive solution to successfully manage and develop a smart management assistant for restaurants. The company puts everything restaurateurs need to know in one place- providing t real-time guidance to unlock the power of their menu, their workforce, and guest habits. Its suite of product includes Upserve Mobile, a link to the restaurant that shows sales, covers, Guest Book, visit history, upcoming reservations, and more. The company’s offerings also include Daily Digest, which summarizes previous day’s key numbers; and solutions in the areas of menu intelligence, server performance, reputation, sales analytics, discounts, and voids. Formerly known as Swipely Inc., Upserve was established in 2009 and is based in Providence, Rhode Island

  • Cargill


    Cargill nourishes the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way by bringing food, agricultural, financial and industrial products to people all across the globe who actually need them. The company creates connections across the global food system to help the world thrive. Cargill’s 155,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve its purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Combining their 153 years of experience with new technologies and insights, Cargill serves as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries, while building a stronger, sustainable future for agriculture

  • Clear Labs

    Clear Labs

    Clear Labs is completely reinventing the way food is tested and analyzed before it is consumed by billions of people each day. It is the only automated and intelligent next-generation sequencing platform in the world, built for food safety testing. Moreover, it is the standard of molecular food quality in the global food industry. Clear Safety enables deep molecular characterization of pathogens, with just the amount of information needed for safety programs. Clear Labs is also the only automated food safety platform for routine pathogen detection. Executives can choose to drill down to serotypes, strains, or whole genome sequences based on the application need

  • InnoVint


    InnoVint is the most intuitive wine production software on the market that helps maximize the winemaking potential. Developed by winemakers, for winemakers, InnoVint understands the business workflow better than anyone. From budbreak to bottle, InnoVint provides the most comprehensive and unified platform for the entire winemaking process. A premium solution provider, InnoVint offers intelligent wine insights, work order scheduling, vintage to vintage comparisons, quality control notifications, all at the fingertips of managers in one powerful winery management software. Its mobile-focused platform allows using InnoVint from desktop, phone or tableting to capture real-time data from the vineyard, the cellar, or even the beach

  • Kuecker Logistics Group

    Kuecker Logistics Group

    Kuecker Logistics Group (KLG) has designed, engineered, and implemented logistics management solutions to numerous businesses to increase distribution efficiency. The company provides cutting edge solutions in logistics management, supply chain management, value chain management, industrial automation, and inventory management. Apart from designing and building systems to make its client business supply chain more efficient, KLG acts as a partner and consultant to ensure the success of their implemented services. KLG tailors their design to fit their clients' needs, fulfill their customer's requests, and offer continued professional support



    OPTEL is among the leading global provider of traceability systems and uses its technologies to provide a better connected and intelligent Supply Chain network. The company offers accurate end-to-end traceability from the extraction of raw materials to the end consumer, thereby enabling diverse industries to benefit from actionable, real-time data.OPTEL’s GeoTraceability platform enables mining organizations to make informed, actionable decisions, and better engage with their employees and communities. Established in 1989, OPTEL is a Certified B Corporation and is headquartered in Canada. It caters its services in the United States, Ireland, India, and Brazil.

  • TraQtion


    TraQtion helps to keep track of compliance and risks across suppliers, products, and sites for food and beverage retailers, restaurants, and manufacturers. The company assists its clients to manage their organizational quality and compliance in a way that makes sense for their business. They aim at building a solution that works seamlessly with the client's current processes and procedures and integrate data from their internal and external systems for smooth information flow. TraQtion's compliance engine provides robust real-time analytics to assist one in visualizing potential threats and take proactive measures

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