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Top 10 Restaurant Management Solution Companies - 2021

In the current marketplace, restaurant managers have to adapt quickly to the ever-changing trends and regulatory mandates while optimizing their operations to compete with their contemporaries. As a result, most restaurant businesses today are leveraging the features of a restaurant management solution that can help them cope with the evolution of the market in an effective manner.

In fact, with capabilities such as temperature-controlled storage, cloud-based management, big data analytics, and process automation, among others, restaurant management solutions are proven to help restaurants significantly improve customer experiences while driving better savings and profits. Apart from operational efficiencies, these solutions are also purpose-built to help businesses manage their compliance, which has become a prevalent challenge owing to the recent rise in more stringent mandates in the F&B space.

Concurrently, restaurant management solutions can also help managers track and train their workforces through engaging educational regimes and simulations in a seamlessly and effectively.

Looking ahead, as customers continue to demand more and more transparency into the operations of a restaurant, the aforementioned management offerings are perfectly poised to help managers manage and maintain their clientele.

To help organizations find the right restaurant management solution provider, our team has selected a list of restaurant management solution providers that exhibit innovative technologies and strategies. We have considered the vendor ability in building solutions that can effectively yet economically account for productive restaurant operations, keeping in mind the factor of time-focused delivery.

We present to you Food & Beverages Technology Review’s “Top 10 Restaurant Management Solution Companies – 2021.”

    Top Restaurant Management Solution Companies

  • Anbe Tech offers a one stop shop for online ordering and management to restaurateurs. The company caters to numerous functions, including online ordering, pos systems, self-ordering kiosks, order & pay at table, inventory management, business analytics, payment options, and more under a single umbrella without any lengthy contracts. Notably, the preferred clients gains access to all of the company's software suites free of cost. This includes inside sales, labor clock in and out, performance reports, digital marketing, self-ordering kiosk, order & pay at table and more. The client can control the entire set-up of their websites and mobile apps within a single portal

  • Lunchbox Technologies is a food-tech company providing one-stop digital solutions for brick-and-mortar restaurants, addressing their ordering, design, and marketing needs. Founded in 2019, this young company’ collection of digital ordering platforms helps restaurants convert third-party sales to direct sales, drive up profits, and expand their digital footprints. Lunchbox Technologies also acts as restaurants’ external innovation partner, assisting them in brand designing and launching profitable marketing campaigns. Equipped with innovative digital solutions, Lunchbox is leveraging technology to transform therestaurant industry

  • Compeat


    Compeat is the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide

  • eatOS


    eatOS’s Point of Sale is a powerful restaurant management ecosystem that can be utilized offline and while connected to the cloud

  • Heartland


    Bring front- and back-of-house operations together like never before with tableside ordering and payment, in-app ordering and delivery integration, loyalty customer engagement and more

  • HungerRush


    HungerRush is leading innovation for the hospitality industry with its advanced restaurant management system (RMS) which gives restaurants and chains the ability to drive revenue growth by acquiring deep knowledge of their customers, and to achieve operational excellence through end-to-end integration

  • ItsaCheckmate


    Helping restaurants increase their revenue through delivery, without increasing costs

  • MarginEdge


    MarginEdge’s mission is to create a world where restaurant operators can focus on the business they love and by eliminating unproductive paperwork and streamlining the flow of operational data, MarginEdge is reimagining the back office and freeing restaurants to spend more time on their culinary offerings and guest experiences

  • Rezku


    Rezku helps restaurants gain a competitive advantage with software solutions developed to alleviate operational burdens and deliver more actionable insights to their enterprise

  • Upserve


    Provides an all-in-one restaurant management platform that drives guest experience and business performance

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