• ItsaCheckmate: Integrating Takeout Orders, Enhancing Restaurant Efficiency
    Vishal Agarwal, Founder & CEO

    ItsaCheckmate: Integrating Takeout Orders, Enhancing Restaurant Efficiency

    ItsaCheckmate is a leading service in integrating 3rd party delivery platforms directly into POS systems.. As a top restaurant management solution provider, ItsaCheckmate assists restaurants increase their revenue through delivery, without increasing costs. The company integrates 3rd party tablets to the existing POS system in a restaurant. As a result, delivery orders flow straight from the 3rd party platforms, to the POS and directly to the printers in the kitchen, without any manual involvement at all. Customer Service is the foundation in which Checkmate was built on and every customer will have a dedicated customer support team available around the clock

    MarginEdge: Comprehensive Digital Empowerment
    Bo Davis, Co-Founder & CEO

    MarginEdge: Comprehensive Digital Empowerment

    MarginEdge has developed food and beverage tracking and analytics software for restaurants. Its software offers solutions for invoice management, recipe and product pricing, and optimized food costs. They integrate their offering with their client's POS, so each day they know everything they bought and everything sold. Besides, the client also gets a rolling P&L with drill-down capability, and the invoice and sales data flows effortlessly to their client's accounting system. They are currently working with 600+ restaurants in 33 states, from fast-casual to fine dining. The company was incepted in 2015 and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia

    Upserve: Revolutionizing Restaurant Management & The Guest Experience
    Sheryl Hoskins, CEO

    Upserve: Revolutionizing Restaurant Management & The Guest Experience

    Upserve's restaurant management platform is a comprehensive solution to successfully manage and develop a smart management assistant for restaurants. The company puts everything restaurateurs need to know in one place- providing t real-time guidance to unlock the power of their menu, their workforce, and guest habits. Its suite of product includes Upserve Mobile, a link to the restaurant that shows sales, covers, Guest Book, visit history, upcoming reservations, and more. The company’s offerings also include Daily Digest, which summarizes previous day’s key numbers; and solutions in the areas of menu intelligence, server performance, reputation, sales analytics, discounts, and voids. Formerly known as Swipely Inc., Upserve was established in 2009 and is based in Providence, Rhode Island

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