Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

By Kevin Myers, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, Donatos Pizza

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Brings

By Paula Suarez, VP-IT, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Brings "Hey Alexa" to the...

Technology for Improving Hospitality

By TJ Schier, President, SMART Restaurant Group

Technology for Improving Hospitality

Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

By Joe Tenczar, CIO & Partner, 3CIOs

Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

Enhancing Guest Experience through Technology

Eric Rosenzweig, CIO, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp

Enhancing Guest Experience through TechnologyEric Rosenzweig, CIO, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp

1) Crafting a Meaningful Mobile Experience 

a. I accept that Mobile is certainly the greatest innovation pattern affecting the eatery business, as it's influencing all organizations and all ventures. The capacity for individuals to look into, execute and speak with our business using versatile is the thing that individuals anticipate. While we've accomplished some work in versatile, we're attempting to discover what our visitors accept is an important portable encounter. We would prefer not to make an application for making an application. Thusly, the innovation that would permit us to realize when you're in the general vicinity of our eatery so we can introduce an offer or let you recognize what's on the menu is something we're investigating too, however again it must be signed and abstain from being frightening. 

Information, and the utilization of information, regardless of whether you call it "Large" or not, is likewise forming how we work together. Thus arrangements that permit examiners and others to find a workable pace, information, and think of thoughts to test dependent on the information, is more basic than any time in recent memory. This is just going to get increasingly basic as we have more information to dissect. 

2) The Advantages of the SaaS Model 

a. We've done a couple of things that are helping drive advancement. One is that we're moving our home developed center applications into a SaaS model. We're amidst these organizations now and, when finished, will permit my group to be significantly more centered around working with the business to capitalize on our center applications and making new applications that drive the business. By moving to SaaS and other cloud innovation, we're currently ready to be significantly more nimble in discovering arrangements and, where vital, making our own. I urge my group to be a piece of the business, work the sales register, see how a receipt is handled, and so forth to guarantee that they truly comprehend the difficulties our areas of expertise face every day. 

b. Grasping the Change 

c. IT must be substantially more versatile. I mean IT and CIOs must be significantly more versatile to change in the business and be sufficiently dexterous to give arrangements a lot snappier than any time in recent memory. Luckily, cloud-based innovation permits us to attempt arrangements a lot quicker as we're not standing up equipment, organizing, capacity, and so forth every time we make something new. IT and CIO's have to adjust to these progressions and grasp them. On the off chance that we don't, we will be left. 

In Tune With Guests 

d. I don't think the Travel and Hospitality business is confronting numerous difficulties that are one of a kind to the business. Portable, social, information and the utilization of cloud are difficulties we as a whole face. IT should be completely drawn in with the remainder of the business to ensure that the arrangements that are picked or are fabricated completely address the issues of the association. I accept that our industry should be significantly more in line with our visitor's needs and make or discover arrangements that function admirably for our visitors and permit better commitment and better encounters. There's nobody silver projectile and that is the enjoyment of being in IT at present. The potential for addressing our visitor's needs through innovation has never been more prominent.

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